Dovo Straight Razor 6/8" Carbon Steel Blonde #101

  • 6/8" Blade Width
  • Half Hollow and Round Point
  • Carbon Steel Blade

Made in Germany, this Dovo Classic Straight Razor features a 6/8", half hollow, carbon steel blade. The perfectly balanced scales are acrylic, which is sturdy and long-lasting. This razor is good for beginners and experts alike.

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Product Description


6/8" Blade Width
The blade is 6/8 of an inch, making it fairly comfortable to maneuver. It is also easy to gauge the correct amount of pressure to use, and to determine its location when shaving more difficult areas. 6/8" can be good for beginners, but is usually preferred by those looking to move up from the more common 5/8" width.

Half Hollow and Round Point
Being Half Hollow makes the blade lighter, and again easier to maneuver. There is more "give" from a half hollow blade, which means it will contour to the face a bit more than other grinds, allowing for a closer shave. The Round Point isn't as good for detailing, but is the most popular due to being more forgiving than other point types.

Carbon Steel Blade
This straight razor starts out as a forged, high-carbon steel blank that is then tempered to exact specifications for the perfect hardness. This ensures the blades durability and longevity. All Dovo straight razors come factory honed and hand sharpened, but some users may still require further stropping before use.

Additional Information

Model 101686 6/8" Blonde
Made In Germany
Blade Size 6/8"
Tips When not in use for long periods, we recommended the razor be rubbed with light oil and stored in a dry, safe place. To maintain your razor and keep it in top shaving condition, you'll also need a quality razor strop and strop paste.
Warranty 24 Months


Close as - Review by Superman (Posted on 8/01/2013)
This is an appealing looking razor for it's price point. The scales are plastic, but they feel solid and there is a brace that the tang sits on when the razor is closed. All in all, appearance wise it isn't too bad, but it's when it comes to shaving that this guy really shines. I really love the 6/8 size over any other size I have shaved with in the past. The smoothness of this razor cannot be overstated either. Not only that, but I have found it to be very forgiving. I have only cut myself once slightly while using this for the past few weeks, which was more due to me being careless. If you are looking for a good quality beginners razor, don't look any further. You will get great heaps of quality shaves from it long after you have acquired higher end razors. For me, this is as good as it gets.

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