Rotary vs Foil Electric Shavers

….So whats the difference?

The rotary blade vs foil shaver is a very common argument, but neither shaver is necessarily better than the other. They simply work in different ways.

Rotary shavers use a series of circular blades that operate under a usually slotted head. The rotary blades tend to pull and tug at hairs more often than foil type shavers. This is not because they are inferior, however. More often than not, rotary blade users tend to experience these issues due to the lack of maintenance on the shaver itself. The circular motion of the blades calls for more rigorous blade lubrication and cleaning. Any blade will pull and tug at hairs if the blade is dull or if the hairs are not properly lubricated.

Foil shavers use a back and forth motion to cut hairs, usually through some type of screen. These shavers use a motorized screen that traps hairs as it moves back and forth. This motion more closely simulates the action of a traditional razor, but these foil shavers are not disposable. Lower-end models are not as efficient as those that cost a little more, and oscillating shavers that are not equipped with a self cleaning unit, require ongoing maintenance in order to keep it functioning at its peak. This means that users are required to clean cut hairs out from under the shaver each time it is used. Specialized cleaning solutions are available as well, and the foil must be lubricated in order to prevent injury to the area that is being shaved. These are all important when considering a rotary blade vs foil shaver. We stock a great range of solutions for maintaining your electric shaver foils and cutters, which you can find here.

When considering rotary or foil shaving, these methods are, in fact, simpler and quicker than using a manual blade. Anyone who is switching from manual shaving to rotary or foil shaving should understand that these techniques are completely different. These shavers work very differently than a standard disposable razor or cartridge. With the proper maintenance, pre-shave and post-shaving products, however, either rotary or foil shaving can provide the same close shave as any other razor.

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